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New Game- Water Margin – The Tales of Clouds and Winds coming out for Sega Genesis

The Sega Genesis gets some love every once in a while from developers that feel this 16-Bit console is not dead.  New games come out such as Water Margin – The Tales of Clouds and Winds.  What is different about Water Margin is that it is not a new game developed here recently but instead is a Chinese exclusive that has eluded the rest of the world for years.  Piko Interactive are working on fixing that release situation by localizing Water Margin (look at the video for proof of their success).

Water Margin Tales of Clouds and Winds Sega Genesis Piko Interactive (2)Reviews of Water Margin – The Tales of Clouds and Winds compare it to Knights of the Round on Super Nintendo and arcade fame.  Judging by the screens, and that video below, I have to agree.  There is a big Knights of the Round influence on this one, though currently it is unclear which came out first. Thanks to Carlos Oliveros, of Retrosumus, for letting me know that Water Margin came out in 1996- quite a bit into the later years of the Mega Drive.  No matter, fantasy based brawlers are always fun (Senile Team, how is Age of the Beast coming?).

Piko Interactive had stated on their Facebook page for Water Margin – The Tales of Clouds and Winds that this will be a straight translation.  Nothing else will be done to the game.  With this being a straight translation it still leaves open the chance that we will end up with a Victor Ireland style storyline filled with, soon to be forgotten, pop culture and political references.  I hope not.  If this is a straight translation, I hope only syntax errors between the source language and English are fixed.  The video shows a bit of the translation so far and it offers hope that this will go well.Water Margin Tales of Clouds and Winds Sega Genesis Piko Interactive (1)

Water Margin was originally an unlicensed Chinese release but Piko Interactive have secured the rights to release this in English for Western gamers.  Super Fighter Team are another company that does this on an official level.  Much respect.

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Source: Piko Interactive Facebook page and via

Carl Williams

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4 Responses to “New Game- Water Margin – The Tales of Clouds and Winds coming out for Sega Genesis”

  1. Hey Carl. Shui Hu Feng Yun Zhuan aka Water Margin was first released in Asia in 1996. So yeah, it was KOTR which influenced it 😉

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  4. Berto Yulianto says:

    Some info about Water Margin : The Tales of Clouds and Winds from the publisher (Pikointeractive) : the game has surpassed 200 copied.
    Nice to know the sales are doing well. 🙂
    Source :

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