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Universal Combat CE Now Free

3000AD, the company responsible for one of the most complicated space simulation titles ever, has decided to make that super complicated title free for a limited time.  Universal Combat CE is currently free on Steam, but hurry since it is a limited time offer.  The reason 3000AD are giving away Universal Combat CE is to help build interest and generate new fans for their update to this game- Universal Combat Advanced.

Read up on the storied history of Universal Combat CE’s earlier release for some interesting back and forth between 3000AD and the publisher/distributor Dreamcatcher Interactive.  It is quite the legal mess surrounding this series of games.  I won’t bother recapping it here as that would take forever and I am sure most of our readers are like me, I don’t care to read recaps of recaps of legal actions.Universal Combat CE 3000AD Free Steam Space Simulation Star Trek Star Wars (2)

For those that do not know, Universal Combat CE is quite the game.  The game world, or universe as you will, is simply huge encompassing over 21,000 locations that you can explore, travel to and fight over.  Is your radar picking up a faint signal from a planet on the edge of the solar system?  Set course, provided you have the fuel to get there, and start flying to that planet.  When you get to the planet, or any in between, you can land and explore, much like they did in whichever version of Star Trek, Star Wars, or any other sci-fi movie/television show that you enjoyed.  You are only limited by your supplies and curiosity.Universal Combat CE 3000AD Free Steam Space Simulation Star Trek Star Wars (1)

You can even lay siege on an enemy vessel if you so choose.  Just be careful, the enemy can do the same to you.  There are safety precautions that you can take, such as trapping the enemy on your ship and slowly exterminating them, one by one (Jason X anyone?).

Just be ready for a tutorial that is nearly 100 pages long, three pages of commands and 93 pages of just the manual itself on top of all of that.  Good luck.

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