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New Game- Matrix: Quest for Deliverance Released for MSX Gaming Computer

Matrix: Quest for Deliverance is not a port, homage or anything, related to the movie franchise of the same name.  No, this Matrix game is one from way back in October of 1994.  Matrix: Quest for Deliverance is a Breakout/Arkanoid style game, one of the earliest styles of entertainment that video games saw.

The MSX gaming computer is one that I will be covering more in the near future, similar to how I covered the Sharp X68000 in issue two of our print magazine.  There are a few new games, fan translations and ports of other games to the MSX which was a popular computer in the United Kingdom.

Matrix_Draken_1993_04-635x476Breakout/Arkanoid may not seem like a title that would be all that great for modern gamers who are used to playing Playstation 4 and Xbox One.  For us retro gamers though, Matrix is just what the doctor ordered.

As you can tell by the screen shots Matrix: Quest for Deliverance is setup much like other games in this genre.  The playfield is clean, the score information area is not cluttered and the objective is extremely clear.

For those that have never played a Breakout, or Arkanoid, style game, the objective is pretty simple.  There are blocks, of varying color and shape, on the upper part of the screen and a paddle looking object on the bottom.  You control that paddle and try to keep a ball that is bouncing back and forth from getting passed you.  Certain blocks require more hits to make them disappear while others will disappear after a single hit with the ball.  The fun of these games is that the ball reacts differently based on where it hits either your paddle or the blocks that are in play.  This can make the game a little challenging as the speed of the ball can speed up in later levels.

Matrix: Quest for Deliverance is programmed by Javi Lavandeira with music composed by Carlos Garcia.

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