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Netflix- The Legend of Zelda Purportedly in the Works

Has Nintendo finally decided to lighten up on their stranglehold on their intellectual properties (IP)?  Is it time?  It seems so as the Wall Street Journal (bet you didn’t expect a classic gaming site would source them) are reporting Nintendo and Netflix could be working on a new, live action, Legend of Zelda title.  Netflix is not afraid to produce their own shows, they have many totaling nearly 10 original/continuations.  Nintendo, though, has proven to be gun shy about licensing their IP’s out to others.  For those that do not know why, read on.

In the early days of Nintendo there were many licensed television shows featuring Nintendo characters.  We had a couple of Super Mario cartoons, one featuring Lou Albino (R.I.P.) in the introduction.  There was also a Zelda cartoon, which ran for one season and spawned more than a couple of catch phrases of the wrong kind.  Then we have the movies, well single movie, that featured Nintendo characters- Super Mario Bros.  You would think that a movie based on the hit game could never be screwed up but Hollywood did just that, even did it in an epic fashion- for those that have not seen it, Bowser is not even anything resembling his game persona, at all.

I won’t bother with the CD-i games that Philips licensed as those were games and not passive media like television/movies.  Suffice to say, everything you have read about them is true.

The interesting thing about this rumor is that it is to be a “live action” series.  That and it is mentioned to be a television series so it is going to either be a “half hour” style or “hour long drama” type show.  Personally I hope they go with an hour long show as it will give them time to develop the characters and the world- or plenty of time to screw it up bigger than Hollywood has when given the chance.

I will post updates as we learn about them.

Source: Wall Street Journal

Carl Williams

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