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Kickstarter: Asteroids Style Shooter Called Major Rocks Looking for Funding

Okay, who reading this remembers the classics such as Asteroids?  Remember that overhead all hell has broken loose style of game?  Super Good Pixel have placed their title, Major Rocks, on Kickstarter and are looking for a modest sum of money to see it through.  Fans of the classics will want to check this one out.

Major Rocks is the first game in a planned series of arcade games.  Currently Major Rocks is planned to hit a ton of platforms including PC (Windows), iOS, Macintosh, Sony Vita and possibly the Sony Playstation 4 (no mention of the Xbox One or Xbox 360).  What you can apparently expect is a game that is slightly more than a homage to the 80’s classics (the video has a strong Asteroids feel, don’t you love that reference?).

Super Good Pixel are not just lip syncing their commitment to the retro gaming community.  They are really making Major Rocks have that aura and has that feel, through little things that developers don’t think about.  For instance, they are running voice samples through an actual Texas Instruments TMS5220c speech chip just so that they sound authentic when you play Major Rocks.  That is living retro, not just saying it.

Major Rocks will feature 60, or so, levels of overhead shooting action.

Major Rocks Super Good Pixel Kickstarter Asteroids arcade shooter retro (2)

Since Major Rocks is the first of a planned series of new arcade based games.  The next two games will have a different inspiration for their design so they won’t necessarily be Asteroids style.  The next games could possibly be similar to, say, Robotron 2084 or even Pac-Man.  There is not a whole lot of information available on what the next games could be like.

The team working on Major Rocks has worked on some interesting titles including:
Castlevania Harmony of Despair (PS3)
Vandal Hearts (PSOne)
Young Justice
Silent Hill HD
Karaoke Revolution (Glee) and many more.

Check out Major Rocks on Kickstarter.

Source: Indie Retro News

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