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New Game: Wonder Boy to Make Return to Gaming in 2015

The Wonder Boy, and Monster World, games are a cherished piece of gaming that retrogaming fans know all too well.  This is a series that has a storied history with Sega, Hudson and a few other key players.  The problem with this series is that it is confusing as all get out (Wonder Boy V: Monster World III anyone?).  The problems started popping up due to the fact that Wonder Boy and Monster World share a common game world (similar to Mario/Wario).  Complicating matters, the original creators- Westone- don’t own the rights to Wonder Boy and many of the characters in the game, those are owned by Sega.  That is how we ended up with “similar” titles such as Adventure Island (did you notice the similarities?) which Hudson had to create new characters for but could use other assets that Sega did not own the rights to.  Now, why am I telling you all of this?  Because somehow, in 2015, we are going to see a new game in the Wonder Boy/Monster World series called Monster Boy.

Monster Boy and the Wizard of Booze retro action platform rpg (2)Monster Boy is unique in the sense that this is an accepted piece of the series as the original creator, Ryuichi Nishizawa, has given his blessing.  Monster Boy and The Wizard of Booze is a rework of another title by Atelier Games, Flying Hamster 2: Knight of the Golden Seed (covered here).  Nishizawa is participating in the development of Monster Boy which helps lend credence to this new game being an official part of the series, 20 plus years after we got the last official game.  The, previously thought to be final, release in the series occurred on the Sega Mega Drive in 1994 with Monster World IV (fan translations are available).

Monster Boy and the Wizard of Booze retro action platform rpg (3)This is great news for both gamers and for Atelier Games as this shows that not all homages have to end in lawsuits and other legal threats.  We are not sure what Sega’s reaction will be concerning this, but it can’t be anything all THAT bad since this game does not use any licenses that they own.Monster Boy and the Wizard of Booze retro action platform rpg (4)

Website: Monster Boy

Source: Retro Domination Facebook and Polygon

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