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Kickstarter- STRAFE Looks to Return First Person Shooters to the Mid 90’s, and You Are Going to Love It

Remember the first time you fired up Space Hulk on 3DO, Saturn or Playstation?  Remember how the sprite based enemies just piled up in the level?  It was unfortunate that they disappear as you explore but the idea was there, as did the blood stains on the walls.  STRAFE looks to build on that level of interaction adding persistent elements to the game levels.  Currently on Kickstarter looking for funding, STRAFE is going to pull at the nostalgia strings of gamers that miss the days of Quake II and Half-Life.

One thing that First Person Shooters tried in the 90’s was to add more gore.  There was even one called “Gore”.  Basically the idea was to add in as much blood and guts as you could, at least with the technology of the day.  SiN featured enemies that, when shot in the head, would have literally a hole through their skull.  STRAFE takes all of that stuff and goes one step farther, while staying true to the style of visuals for the time.

STRAFE retro gaming first person shooter fps quake kickstarter (1)The levels are constantly changing which makes it difficult to keep up with where you have been and where you need to go.  That is where the power of current computers are put to use.  See, when you blow up an enemy, eject a shell casing, blood on the walls, etc are persistent.  That stuff sticks around, kind of like how you wished it would in First Person Shooters back in the day.

STRAFE retro gaming first person shooter fps quake kickstarter (2)That is what separates STRAFE from the competition, other than the serviceable, and fully intended, retro look.  I hope you will be able to lure enemies into a hallway and just pile the bodies up to the ceiling.  I always wanted to do that in Space Hulk but couldn’t.

Check out STRAFE on Kickstarter.


Carl Williams

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