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Prototype: Last Ninja 2 for the Konix Multisystem Found, Preservation Status Poor

The Konix Multisystem was quite a beast, had it been released, that could have at least been an interesting purchase for gamers.  The biggest draw of this vaporware platform is that it would contain nearly every conceivable accessory that you could think of inside and ready for use.  Yeah, not a big thing to hitch your publicity wagon to but it was what Konix was going for.  The stills we saw in gaming magazines back in the day were not impressive and the press generally flogged the Konix Multisystem for this.  A few years ago Attack of the Mutant Camels by Jeff Minter was found, and more recently a version of Last Ninja 2 was discovered.

It is Last Ninja 2 that we are going to discuss here.  For those that are not familiar with this classic title, you are tasked as a ninja clad in black who must take on many enemies in his quest to thwart an evil shogun.  This is not going to be easy and will test your skills throughout each level.

Last Ninja 2 Konix Multisystem Commodore 64 version retro retrogaming (3)Yeah, the story is pretty generic because back in the day ninjas were a big thing.  We had Ninja Gaiden, Ninja Commando, ninjas in fighting games, etc.  Ninjas were around to stay.  Nowadays ninjas are relegated to the auxiliary characters in one on one fighting games.  Just remember, at one point in gaming history, ninjas ruled gaming.

Last Ninja 2 Konix Multisystem Commodore 64 version retro retrogaming (1)At this moment though, Last Ninja 2 for the Konix Multisystem is just some disks.  While preservation is planned, it is not as easy as simply putting the disks in a PC and copying the contents over.  These disks will have to be put into a Konix Multisystem developer console and opened that way.  For that reason, we are hopeful that preservation can happen sooner than later and we will see Last Ninja 2 added to the short list of Konix Multisystem games available.

Source: via Retrocollect

Carl Williams

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3 Responses to “Prototype: Last Ninja 2 for the Konix Multisystem Found, Preservation Status Poor”

  1. mqarkcambie says:

    The disks don’t need to be loaded into a developers console
    to be read.

    There are two sets of disks: the game as it would be
    released on the Konix console written to disks with a propriety format
    (although readable by a PC floppy disk drive using a disk imaging tool).

    The other disks are the source code and assets for the game
    (art, music). These are on standard PC DOS formatted disks.

    Assuming time hasn’t taken its toll and bit-rot hasn’t
    caused the disks to become unreadable, the Konix disks can be imaged and the PC
    disks can be read.

    The problems start if only certain things can be achieved,
    such as only being able to read the PC disks. In this scenario, the emulator
    programmer will need to recompile the binary image (assuming there isn’t a
    backup on one of these PC disks). He has had to do this already for AMC’89 and
    a number of the demos and test tools, leading to something that can be emulated
    and shared.

    Of course, the emulation may need to be modified as the game
    may implement aspects of the Konix system that are as yet not fully known or

    If the Konix formatted disks can be read, the above
    regarding emulation of the game still applies and additionally, the disk read
    write routines of the emulator may need to be strengthened as there haven’t
    been many Konix formatted disks found as yet (and there will only be a hand
    full based on the unreleased nature of the machine and the 25 games in

    Mark Campbell: Webmaster @

  2. mqarkcambie says:

    Progress report on the emulation:

    Looks like most of the levels are there (needs to be confirmed with a full playtest, however it’s been played upto level 5 so far.)

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