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New Game- Red Olympus Takes First Person Shooters back to the Basics

Ah, First Person Shooters (FPS) are a genre that is going quite strong, and have been doing so for several decades now. When you think of the genre you probably think of over detailed massive games that require a beast to run. The Gravedigger, the developer responsible for Red Olympus, has decided to take the genre back to the earliest days of gaming, at least as far as graphics and sound go. Strap in because we are headed back to the CGA days of gaming.
First, who knows what CGA stands for?

For those of you reading this that don’t know what CGA is, it is a graphics mode in older computers. You could think of it in console terms as something around the Colecovision/Intellivision era of gaming (slightly newer than the Atari 2600). CGA graphics are usually really simple and easy to grasp- you won’t see anything that looks like a PS4 title running in CGA.

Red Olympus tells a tale similar to that of Wolfenstein 3D where you are after a Russian criminal leader instead of a Nazi criminal leader. There are four, planned, characters to choose from in the final version- in this beta there is only one. Each of these characters has been put into compromising positions by Mr. Incognito, who as his name implies is very mysterious. Mr. Incognito has a problem with the activities of Ovsky, a Russian crime lord, who has just annexed the southern part of The City and taken control over it. Ovsky has affectionately named this new domain of his “Red Olympus”. Obviously this cannot stand and Mr. Incognito won’t allow it so you are sent in to take care of the situation.

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Since this is an FPS you can expect maze like levels, locked doors and plenty of enemies wanting you dead. Graphically Red Olympus is quite striking but it remains to be seen if gamers will take to this style of game like they have similar efforts in other genres.

Grab the beta of Red Olympus on Game Jolt
Source: Indie Retro News

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