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New Game- MS. Pac-Man Ported to Intellivision

Pac-Man had to go solo, single, on the Mattel Intellivision since his wife, Ms. Pac-Man was unable to make the jump.  That has not stopped homebrew developers from helping out the Misses.  Carl Mueller Jr has taken up the reigns of porting Ms. Pac-Man over and, well, check out the video after the jump to see the results.  This is not a direct arcade port, more like an enhanced edition.

The Pac-Man series is all about maneuvering around a maze avoiding ghosts that are out to end your life.  Eating normal pellets generates points but eating one of the much larger pellets, Power Pellets, gives you a limited amount of time to eat your enemy.  That is right, the Pac-Man games are kind of all about murder and psychedelic drugs, who knew?

Mr. Mueller has taken a few liberties with his port of Ms. Pac-Man to the Mattel Intellivision.  Such as adding additional levels, two player mode and three characters to choose from.  Also, there are four themes that change the look of the game and different difficulty levels to choose from, no longer are you limited to simply playing the “one game for all” mode that most arcade games put in front of you.

The cost of a cartridge is a little steep, about $75, but that is about on par for these types of releases.  Why a more wallet friendly solution such as groups teaming up or something to purchase items in bulk is beyond me.  Either way, the price is what it is.  I, like many fans, won’t be able to support this release due to that price tag.  Hopefully enough people will be able to support it so that more games are released in the future.  I hope there is an option to purchase the ROM at some point, for a much more reasonable price (say around $5).

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Carl Williams

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