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Goodbye: Ceases Operations, Site Will Remain through 2015

Allgamers, a French gaming site that has truly been instrumental in the retrogaming world over the last six years, is ceasing operations- effective immediately.  This is a sad article for me to write but it is one that I feel should be written as we should all take a moment out of respect for a cool gaming site like this.  Allgamers has been a central hub for most retro gamer fans, even non-French speaking ones like myself (I use Bing translator to read their content).  It is sad to see them stopping but there is a good reason behind it.

Horeus, voice of Allgamers and the owner, simply has lost the drive to continue.  To put it bluntly, his heart is no longer in it.  That is a familiar situation to me as I have personally left or closed many sites that I was rather fond of over the years.  Some that I used to write for, and even co-owned, are still around, others have slowly been removed from the Internet.  From my start with UnNamed Gaming (R.I.P. Jeremy Buxton, even though we didn’t see eye to eye, I still respect you) to Pixel Perfect Gaming a site I co-founded with Mike Pittaro onto Gaming on Batteries (co-owned with Nick Abrams) and this site, RGM (also co-owned with Nick Abrams).  Gaming runs deep for me, especially retrogaming.  I think it runs deep for most people reading these words.

I would like to wish Horeus the best in his endeavors, both online and off, in the near future and the years to come.  I would also like to thank him for his hard work, dedication and discipline in keeping Allgamers updated and pushing forward, even when I am sure it was harder than simply doing something else., RGM salutes you and respects your body of work.  Thank you.

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Carl Williams

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