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New Game: Papi Commando Coming to PC and Sega Genesis and Mega Drive

Show of hands, who remembers the classic Capcom arcade title, Commando?  Show of hands again, who is willing to admit they saw the movie of the same name starring a young Alyssa Milano and Arnold Schwarzenegger?  Okay, forget the second question, it has zero relevance to Papi Commando.  Fans of the arcade game, Commando, will see a lot of stuff they will probably like in this homebrew title from Allgamers forum member, Vetea.

papi commando sega mega drive genesis pc retro homebrew 2The view in Papi Commando is from the bird’s eye point of view, aka 3rd person before 3D games took off.  For many gamers, this style of game is uninteresting and boring.  For a few though, this is just the butter on the toast in the morning.  Screenshots are of the PC version, not the Genesis/Mega Drive version (there is a test video below of that version).

Many options are being worked on for Papi Commando for Windows, which will eventually see the light of day in the Sega Genesis version.  These include introducing civilians, balancing resources such as ammunition and health packs and of course balancing the power of the enemies.  These types of games succeed or lose based on their enemy balancing.

papi commando sega mega drive genesis pc retro homebrew 3Papi Commando will also work hard to re-establish an old retro gaming meme by having chickens make plenty of appearances.  Quiz time: what other games have chickens in them?

BasiEgaXorz is the programming language that is bringing Papi Commando to life.  It still remains to be seen just how well the Sega Genesis version will look.

papi commando sega mega drive genesis pc retro homebrewThere are a total of six levels currently planned for Papi Commando, we are unsure how many of those levels, or if new ones, will make it into the Sega Genesis version.  Development is continuing on Papi Commando for both Windows and Sega Genesis.  Papi Commando will be available in English and French when it is released (chosen by menu).  As we know more about a potential release date or other details I will make sure to update you, our loyal readers.

papi commando sega mega drive genesis pc retro homebrew 4

Source: Allgamers


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