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Mysterious Song for Turbo Grafx-16 Receives 2nd Print Run, Limited Quantities Available

Mysterious Song for the Turbo Grafx-16 sold out rather quickly and that left a lot of gamers in the dark as far as getting a copy of the new Role Playing Game (RPG).  Now, Frozen Utopia have released a second print run on this popular RPG.  Fans should hurry and order a copy if they want it as this print run is likely to sell out sooner than later.

There are only 500 copies in the second print run and it is available on the Frozen Utopia website and Ebay.  For those that are not familiar with Mysterious Song, this is the flagship title for the independent homebrew group, Frozen Utopia. Mysterious Song 2nd print retro retrogaming Turbo Grafx-16 Frozen Utopia (2)

From the Ebay listing: “After many years of peace, a ferocious horde of demons and beasts has begun to overrun the land. With the kingdom falling into chaos, King Algameth IX sends his bravest Toren Knights to request the aide of the Magicians of Illus. But what dangers await the noble crew? Will they discover the source of the monstrous legion? The answers lie abroad…”

Mysterious Song’s gameplay is similar to that of the classic role playing games.  You move your character around the game world as you look down on him, changing views when you encounter an enemy.  Battles are played out in a modified first person view, your character portrait is displayed along the top of the screen with your stats while battle information is displayed on the bottom of the screen.  Animation of the enemies is rather sparse but this is par for the course, RPG’s of this time were not super animated like they are today.

This second print run version is not simply that, Frozen Utopia have done some updating to the game.  Bugs that were problematic in the original release are now squashed and this version offers better performance.  Luckily Frozen Utopia have made the save games compatible between this version and the first edition.

Shipping worldwide is available.

Grab Mysterious Song from Frozen Utopia’s website or on Ebay.

Source: HuPack

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