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Bandit Gaming: Super Castlevania IV Reborn In Dire Straights

Okay, fan made games, homebrew, indie, whatever you call them, are sometimes cool.  Such as Super Castlevania IV Reborn, which was intended for various computer platforms.  While still in an early part of development, it is interesting to look at where Super Castlevania IV Reborn was heading.  This was basically a reworking of the original Castlevania IV, as the title suggests.

Super Castlevania IV was a great title for the Super Nintendo, we put it against the Sega Genesis game- Bloodlines, in our first issue of RGM.  Konami has yet to make a truly crappy Castlevania game (put the fingers pointing at the N64 games down).  Well, homebrew developers are not happy with how things went for the SNES title and, up till recently, were working diligently on reworking things and improving on the good old Konami game.

Super Castlevania IV Reborn does a lot of things different than the original Super Nintendo game.  Throughout levels there are objects that block your view of your character, trees and limbs and even thick translucent fog.  It does add depth to the game and, obviously at times, can possibly be a nuisance.Super Castlevania IV Reborn Super NES, SNES, Konami Famicom retro game retrogaming (3)

Enemies in Super Castlevania IV Reborn run the gamut of the usual suspects for a Castlevania game.  Bats, skeletons, creatures popping out of the ground and more are all represented in the early builds.  Skeletons don’t simply crumble into a pile of bones when you kill them.  No, here large chunks of bones are flung off their bodies as your whip rips through them, then they disintegrate into a cloud of smoke.  Bats and other fleshy creatures explode in a cloud of blood that is more satisfying looking than a simple hit icon.Super Castlevania IV Reborn Super NES, SNES, Konami Famicom retro game retrogaming (2)

As mentioned earlier in this article, Super Castlevania IV Reborn is currently in hiatus as the developer looks for a programmer to come on board and assist in finishing the coding.  If you are a programmer, or know someone that might be able to assist in finishing Super Castlevania IV Reborn, please get in contact with the developers and see if you are a fit.

Check out more on the Super Castlevania IV Reborn Facebook page.

Source: Allgamers

Carl Williams

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3 Responses to “Bandit Gaming: Super Castlevania IV Reborn In Dire Straights”

  1. Dean Andrews says:

    I’m going to help promote this so hopefully it’ll get finished! I’ll tell others to do the same.

    • Carl Williams says:

      Thank you, Dean. Hopefully someone with the programming skills will see this and will be able to help out. I would love to see this finish, just based on the teaser video.

      Again, thank you for helping promote this project.

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