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New Game: Alice’s Mom’s Rescue Coming to Sega Dreamcast

The Sega Dreamcast is a system that, for most retro gaming fans, should not have been discontinued so quickly.  This is proven again and again every time a new game comes out for Sega’s final console- we are going on nearly a decade and a half since Sega pulled the plug.  HuCast Games is one such company that simply will not let go of the Dreamcast.  Alice’s Mom’s Rescue is their latest announcement for the Dreamcast, a 2D side scrolling action platform title that is a port from personal computers and the mobile world.

Prior HuCast Games releases include The Ghost Blade (Retro Game Network coverage) and Redux: Dark Matters (also RGN coverage).  This is their first foray into the 2D side scrolling realm, something we can only wish for more developers to follow suit.  For anyone that has not caught on yet, Alice’s Mom’s Rescue follows some of the classic story’s direction while taking creative freedoms.

Orion Software are the main developers behind Alice’s Mom’s Rescue, which is due for release sometime this year.  According to Retro Gaming Network, the original game was developed for the AC 2014 coding competition.  Basically, Alice’s mom has been kidnapped by a giant raven (remember those “creative freedoms”?) and it is up to Alice to save her.  Spread across three worlds comprising 25 levels, Alice’s Mom’s Rescue will surely challenge most platforming gamer’s skills.Alice Mom Rescue Sega Dreamcast Orion retro 2D platformer side scrolling (2)

Pulling cues from the book, certain parts of levels will be cordoned off and will require using potions to shrink, the help of other characters or just your wits and hand eye coordination.  Graphically I would place Alice’s Mom’s Rescue squarely in the second generation Sega Genesis realm, not quite as colorful and detailed as the same phase on SNES but still a worthy looking title.Alice Mom Rescue Sega Dreamcast Orion retro 2D platformer side scrolling (1)

Pre-orders are now open for Alice’s Mom’s Rescue, head over to HuCast Games’ website.

Source: HuCast Games via AllGamers and Retro Gaming Network

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