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Battletanx Blows Up The Nintendo 64: Today in History- December 31st, 1998

Battletanx on the Nintendo 64 may not have set sales records, it certainly did open, even if ever so briefly, a new genre of gaming that few companies jumped in on (Sega did with Alien Front Online which was “similar”). The year is 2001, a virus has wiped out the feminine side of the human race, at least almost all of them (that is one way to ensure a species will die). Long story short here, you play a guy, he has a fiancée and she is somewhere in the world. Not resting on your butt waiting for another girl to happen to fall in love with a down on his luck tank operator, you take a tank without permission of course (it is no fun if it is okay that you have it) and set out to find your future bride.

3DO may go down in history as the company that had the most potential, the most likely to succeed where others have failed and to blaze new trails where no one had gone before, the problem is, they forgot how  to run a business. The system that carried the name, 3DO, was held back by it’s controller (anyone that has actually used one knows what I mean) and by going against the grain when it comes to development software (they went with Mac development kits when the industry was solidly in the IBM compatible camp). That doesn’t mean they didn’t know how to make fun games, Battletanx being one of them.39603-BattleTanx_-_Global_Assault_(USA)-1

It is interesting, the choice of years was 2001. In other mediums, such as movies like Back to the Future, we have lived through the prophetic years mentioned. What other years were bad in gaming? Just name the ones we have lived through or will soon (say up to 2020) and see how many we can name.

Battletanx hit the Nintendo 64 and Game Boy Color and is not available digitally at this time. Check Ebay for a copy.

Carl Williams

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