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Bandit Gaming: Quake Running on Oscilloscope (Epilepsy Sufferers Please Do Not Click)

Of all the things we see retro games ported to and running on, one of the last things that you would probably think of would Quake running on an Oscilloscope.  Yeah, the 3D intensive (for its time) first person shooter running on something that wasn’t even intended for gaming.  The wild thing is, it runs and runs well.  Check the video out after the jump for proof.  Again, readers prone to Epilepsy, please do not click to see to see the video.

If you are prone Epilepsy then it is probably a good idea to skip the video and just take my word for how cool it looks.

As you can see, it is quite a trippy mess but the basics of Quake are there.  From the mouse look capability to the nail gun mowing down of the enemy- this is Quake.  The really cool thing is, that on an oscilloscope it really appears like this could be running on a Vextrex gaming console from the early 1980’s.  Everything is neon turquoise outlined but you can still easily see where the enemy is, where weapons are and where you are in the level.  That is quite a feat considering the limited hardware involved.

This is Quake level E1M1 running on a Huawei V-422 oscilloscope, as shown in the opening of the video.  There is no computer trickery involved here, those wavy ass lines are there because that is how the oscilloscope renders things- it was definitely NOT intended to play a mid 90’s video game by any means.  The fact that it is, is quite a feat.

What next?  Quake running on one of those smart refrigerators they sell at Lowes?  Want crushed ice?  Run around this level, find the ice gun and bash a few enemies while your fridge crushes the frozen water for you.  Seriously, what will hackers come up with next?

Source: All over the place from here, to here, to here.

Carl Williams

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