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New Game: Love Dungeon, Starring Bruce Lee, in Development for Commodore Amiga

The Commodore Amiga is a gaming computer that simply won’t stay down as fans are more than happy to continue creating new titles for it.  One such new game is Love Dungeon by Jimmy2x2x from the English Amiga Board.  Love Dungeon has that feel of the classics such as Lode Runner where you are tasked with clearing the screen of the item you are collecting, here it is hearts since this is the “love dungeon”.

Love Dungeon is greatly influenced by Lode Runner, to the point that I have to say, it is a clone/copycat.  There is a major addition to Love Dungeon that Lode Runner did not incorporate- combat.  Since this is a Bruce Lee inspired game, Love Dungeon has to have some form of combat.  You are pretty much limited to jump kicking your enemies on the screen to stun them so that you can continue collecting the hearts.  Not much but it is better than nothing.

Interestingly Jimmy2x2x created Love Dungeon in less than four weeks, from start to this point.  While not complete, Love Dungeon is a playable demo at this point.  Jimmy2x2x does plan on finishing Love Dungeon at some point in the near future so fans of this type of game will be well served to keep an eye on this one.

More games for these retro platforms is always a welcome sight.  For me, a diehard scrolling (either overhead or side scrolling) shooter fan, I am excited to see more titles in other genres.

To download Love Dungeon you will have to make an account on English Amiga Board, it is free and worth it to fans of the genre or Amiga computer.  Love Dungeon is available in ADF disk file format which is compatible with emulators and the actual Commodore Amiga hardware, if you are still rocking one.

Source: Retrocollect

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