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New Hardware: New Nintendo NES Clone called Super 8-Bit Released

Alright, the Nintendo Entertainment System is undoubtedly a great little console, Nintendo’s questionable business tactics aside.  The 8-Bit NES rocked the worlds of a lot of gamers over the last 30 years, all over the world, and continues to do so long after it died commercially.  Thanks to clone systems that continue to get slightly better with each new release the NES will probably never truly die.  One problem all of those clones have is the questionable sound output and peripheral compatibility problems.  The Super 8-Bit changes all of that by avoiding the biggest failures that the clones represent- namely avoiding using the ASIC based “System on a Chip” (SoC) hardware.

2014-12-10T08-01-59.576Z-IMGP1293.JPG.855x570_q85_pad_rcropThe Super 8-Bit, right up front, is not cheap- it is about $480 fully assembled and ready to go, knock off about $130 to $150 if you want to gut your Nintendo NES yourself.  That is right, the Super 8-Bit uses several chips from the actual NES, and an external board, to achieve a 99.8% compatibility rate across the complete NES/Famicom library.  The only games that are not compatible with the Super 8-Bit are ones that were only released in Japan that require the microphone in the second controller to play.  That means, Famicom and NES games will work and even Famicom Disk System games are compatible.

2014-12-10T08-01-59.576Z-IMGP1291.JPG.855x570_q85_pad_rcropWhat do you get for your, near, Neo Geo priced NES clone?  Well, for starters, you are getting a much higher compatibility rate, the ability to use nearly all peripherals that work with the real NES and better picture quality.  Thanks to the NESRGB circuit board you can enjoy your NES games in glorious 240p, with S-Video optional and even three color palettes to choose from (original, improved or arcade).

2014-12-05T07-27-58.346Z-IMGP1282.JPG.855x570_q85_pad_rcropThe price is steep but for those retrogaming fans that want the utmost compatibility then it may not be that high.

For those adventurous enough to do some assembly grab the cheaper version here.

For everyone else that have way too much money on their hands, grab this version and just enjoy it.

Source: Retrocollect

Carl Williams

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2 Responses to “New Hardware: New Nintendo NES Clone called Super 8-Bit Released”

  1. HDMI or GTFO. Especially at that price!

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