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New Game: Aetherbyte Studios Updates Atlantean to become Santlantean for the Turbo Grafx-16

New games for the Turbo Grafx-16 are quite rare as it is but to have a developer go one step farther and update one of their releases for the holiday season is just too cool.  Santlantean is similar to how Konami would update their popular Parodius title with new ideas and directions (Sexy Parodius anyone?).  The graphics and audio are changed to a much more festive style, the storyline though, that has gone darker than even How the Grinch Stole Christmas ever thought of going, with or without Jim Carrey.

Santlantean Turbo Grafx-16 PC-Engine Aetherbyte Studios retro retrogaming cartridge (4)Mrs. Claus is upset about how much time her husband spends in other people’s homes displaying reverse kleptomaniac tendencies.  To put an end to this series of events that occur year after year, Mrs. Claus has decided to cast a spell on the Christmas decorations that litter the world.  Santa now has to shoot down these magic infused baubles and complete his rounds before Christmas is over.  From antsy candy canes that attack on sight to scented candles that are out to burn more than the wick in their wax, Santa has his work cut out for him.

Santlantean Turbo Grafx-16 PC-Engine Aetherbyte Studios retro retrogaming cartridge (1)Santlantean is based on Atlantean from Aetherbyte Studios.  As mentioned earlier, Santlantean is a rework that is similar to the Purodius series from Konami (why has that series not seen a recent update?).  While Antlantean is a commercial release, Santlantean is a freeware release to celebrate the holidays.

Santlantean Turbo Grafx-16 PC-Engine Aetherbyte Studios retro retrogaming cartridge (2)If you are interested in giving Santlantean a shot you can do so on either real hardware (if you have a flash cart for the Turbo Grafx-16/PC-Engine) or in your favorite emulator such as Magic Engine, Mednafen or Ootake.  This is a great gesture to the fans from Aetherbyte Studios so please remember them if you are in a position to purchase Atlantean, or any of their other titles.

Santlantean is available on Aetherbytes website.

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