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New Game: Rebound Brings Classic Breakout Style Enjoyment to the ZX81

Breakout has been a mainstay of gaming for over 30 years now, it has gone by many different names but the gameplay is the same.  A paddle rests at the bottom of the screen and a ball flies around the screen hitting squares that make up the level.  If you miss the ball with your paddle you lose a life- rather simple but also quite infuriating in later levels.  Now, thanks to Bob’s Stuff, gamers can enjoy an interpretation of Breakout for the ZX81 called Rebound.

Bob’s Stuff decided to make Rebound after realizing that there is no real version of the classic available for the ZX81.  Nothing can stop someone that has the will, and the way, to do something, Rebound is proof of that.  There are plenty of additions that Bob’s Stuff has coded into Rebound to make it interesting and keep the attention of even jaded Breakout fans.Rebound ZX81 Breakout Retro Retrogaming Game Bobs Stuff 2

First, there are multiple ball modes, powerup bricks to hit, and for those used to black and white ZX81 games, a method of adding color to the proceedings.  That last option is made possible via the Chroma 81 Interface, which also allows you to enjoy your ZX81 on a modern television.

The Chroma Interface brings extras of its own such as the aforementioned capability to connect to modern TV’s but also a ROM cart slot, reset switch and more.  If you are planning on using the Chroma Interface please be aware that you need a SCART cable and compatible television.  This piece of hardware can make the difference with improved picture quality and, depending on your setup, possibly better sound.Rebound ZX81 Breakout Retro Retrogaming Game Bobs Stuff 3

For classic gamers, Rebound is Breakout with some nifty additions that the Atari original did not feature, but other more recent versions did implement.  Fans will be well served to check out Rebound by Bob’s Stuff. Don’t let the graphics turn you off.

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