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Disney Magic Hits the Super Nintendo with The Magical Quest starring Mickey Mouse – Today in History – December 23rd, 1992

Ah the tale of Mickey Mouse versus big bad Pete is a story that is pretty timeless, one that has gone on for decades (longer than Mario and Bowser by a long shot).  Disney are a protective lot, not just anyone with the dough can make a Disney game, or at least it used to be that way (we are ignoring a ton of the PSOne 32-Bit era Disney games here- rose colored glasses folks).  Capcom was the darling of Disney games, when they released one, you just knew it was going to be awesome.  From the black white Game Boy screen to the Super Nintendo, Capcom knew Disney games.  The Magical Quest starring Mickey Mouse is no exception. 

The plot of Magical Quest is pretty basic an on par for a Disney movie, let alone a game.  Mickey Mouse is stuck in a land that is ruled by the ruthless Pete, who is emperor here.  Pete has dognapped Pluto during a game of catch (what a meanie).  A friendly wizard offers his assistance to Mickey Mouse, who gladly accepts it, and the quest begins.  Donning the wizard’s robe, Mickey is embowed with certain magical powers that he can use to traverse the land, defeat the baddies that are on Pete’s side, defeat Pete and rescue Pluto.  That is a mouthful.  Are you up for the task?Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse retro retrogaming game videogame SNES Super Nintendo (3)

Sadly, on the Super Nintendo we only got the first game of the trilogy that Japan saw.  Gamers in North America would have to wait till the release of the Game Boy Advance before we would get the other two games in the trilogy.  The benefit of waiting though is that they were portable now.Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse retro retrogaming game videogame SNES Super Nintendo (1)

Now, who wants a 2.5D side scrolling action platform title reviving this series, or a new Disney based Mickey Mouse game?  Sure, we got Castle of Illusion on Android and iOS but I want to see Capcom take another crack at this license.

Carl Williams

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