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Game Hack: Sega Genesis Shadow of the Beast Colors Corrected to Match Commodore Amiga Version

The Sega Genesis was the recipient of a ton of Commodore Amiga ports throughout its life, especially in the first couple of years.  This was facilitated by the fact that the two machines shared A LOT in common with each other under the hood.  Electronic Arts was one of the bigger companies to port many of their Amiga classics to the shiny new Sega console.  Psygnosis was no different in porting their popular computer games.  Gamers had no problem in supporting this influx of new games.  Shadow of the Beast was one of the more popular ports that were released by Psygnosis for the Sega Genesis.

This is not the first patch that Pyron has done, he is responsible for patching Final Fight on Sega CD, Street Fighter II Championship Edition for Sega Genesis and Streets of Rage 2.  Needless to say, Pyron knows what he is doing with these edits.  Just look at the pics below for proof of that.Shadow of the Beast Color Corrected Sega Genesis Psygnosis (2) Shadow of the Beast Color Corrected Sega Genesis Psygnosis (3)

The colors are much more realistic with trees appearing lush and green instead of a blue tinge.  The clouds also look more natural rather than the purple tinted mess that was present in the original version.  The main character is more “darker” in color, lending to a more edgy appearance.

Shadow of the Beast was known for its extremely large number of colors onscreen and many levels of parallax scrolling in the background.  The music was also notable thanks to David Whittaker, who composed the audio.  The high levels of quality present in Shadow of the Beast were iconic and unique since they were not all combined in any other action title of the time, this solidified Psygnosis as a graphical/audio powerhouse in gaming.

We will bring more coverage on these types of hacks if you, the fans, want to see them.

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