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Bungie Shows the Macintosh Can Rock 1st Person Shooters with Marathon – Today in History – December 21st, 1994

It is no small secret that First Person Shooter (FPS) games are still raging on within the gaming world, whether on console or computers or mobile, they are still going strong.  With the advent of the newer consoles, we saw even more FPS games racking up sales and continuing franchises.  20 years ago, Bungie (the company behind the Halo series and Destiny) launched a little game on the Macintosh computer called Marathon.  Macintosh gamers were waiting with baited breath for this title, not only because it was to ship with up to eight player network multiplayer (over the Internet gaming was still mostly a pipe dream) but it was the Mac answer to the PC’s runaway success story called Doom.

Marathon Bungie Macintosh First Person Shooter Retro December 21 1994 (3)Unlike id Software’s classic, Marathon placed you in the middle of a war with aliens, not demons.  Also, the setting of Marathon was much farther into the future and much farther away, so far away as to be in another solar system.  In reality though, this really meant nothing to the gamer that simply wanted to blast their way through and see the ending.  The one thing stopping you from doing that in Marathon was the fact that there was an actual story in Bungie’s release.  This story was mainly conveyed to you through the computer terminals, behind which there were three different artificial intelligences running things (one for each major section of the space station, Marathon.Marathon Bungie Macintosh First Person Shooter Retro December 21 1994 (2)

The original Marathon has been ported to many platforms other than the Macintosh.  Officially Marathon has hit Windows 95 (as part of the Marathon Trilogy Box Set) and the Apple console known as the Pippin (who remembers that failed console?) and the Apple iPad.  Unofficially, thanks to Bungie opening up the Marathon engine to the gaming community, coders have ported the popular FPS to the Sega Dreamcast and many other consoles that could handle the graphical workload.

Thank you, Bungie, for taking a chance and creating a trilogy of titles that was not only iconic when it was released but still relevant to many gamers 20+ years later.

Carl Williams

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