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New Game: Vectrex Receives Two Christmas Themed Games

Throughout gaming there have been only a few “dedicated” Christmas games released.  There was Christmas Nights on the Sega Saturn and there is a Christmas themed Jazz Jackrabbit game, I believe.  That is pretty much it.  Sure there are games that feature ice levels and the like but not too many that have a snowy, yuletide, theme.  The Vectrex, originally released in 1982 in the United States, will be receiving two new titles on Christmas Eve, named Stocking Filler and Save the Trees.

Save the Trees is an overhead scrolling shooter similar to Raiden, Sky Force and 1942.  The difference here is that you are controlling a Christmas tree and shooting presents that are falling from the top of the screen rather than aliens, other ships or some other icon.  Drums, boxes, wrapped presents and more tumble down the screen expressing some really nice rotation effects.

Stocking Stuffer is just like the classic Kaboom from Activision.  Presents fall from the top of the screen, again showing off the same rotation capabilities as in Save the Trees.  The object here, for those that don’t know, is to collect all of the presents in the stocking at the bottom of the screen.  Miss one and you lose a life.  Pretty simple mechanics that are easy to get into and just enjoy.

As mentioned earlier, these two games will see a release as ROM images on Christmas Eve this year.

Source: Retrocollect

Alright retrogaming fans, do you know of any Christmas themed games that were not mentioned?  Can be any platform, from any time, it just has to be a Christmas themed title.

Also, name your favorite levels in games that give you that holiday feel.  Is it a snow/ice level in Super Mario World or is it one of the levels in Dead or Alive 3?  Let us know in the comments!

Carl Williams

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