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La La La La La La with the Smurf’s on Playstation – Today in History – December 14th, 1999

The Smurfs started out as a comic strip series in 1958 in Belgium, worked their way into a full blown series based around them and their adventures.  Originally they played a secondary role in a fantasy style adventure set in the medieval times of Europe.  As time went on, the Smurfs earned their own series, more fleshed out characters and became a phenomenon across the world.  The most popular method that many people know the Smurfs is through the syndicated cartoon featuring Gargamel and Azrael as the evil characters and 99 to 102 Smurfs (depending on the season you are enjoying).  Games came for the small blue puffballs.  They have had games on Colecovision in the early days on up to a Super Nintendo/Sega Genesis adventure and this one, The Smurfs for the original Playstation.  While subsequent games based on the Belgium children’s license have been all over the board from dancing to racing, this one sticks to the roots of the series as an action game.

The Smurfs for Playstation is a 2.5 side scrolling action platform game similar to Yoshi’s Story on Nintendo 64  or Clockwork Knight 1 & 2 for the Sega Saturn.  This game features a ton of enemies that were never seen in the cartoon though they are mostly forest animals, there are a few “Gargamel’s creations” wandering the forest.

The Smurfs for the Playstation tells the story of Gargamel trying to kidnap the newest arrival to the village, a new baby Smurf.  Taking on the task is Hefty Smurf, with your assistance of course.  There are 10 levels to traverse that feature forest creatures like spiders and beetles and even Gargamel creations that are not easily put into words.

There is another mode that features six levels and is centralized around taking care of the new baby Smurf.  During these levels you are collecting items that Baby Smurf needs, similar to the old Tamagotchi toys.

Similar to the classics, The Smurfs keeps the basics of other action platform games- 100 coins, or candy canes, equals an extra life. Jumping on the heads of enemies defeats them in a family safe cartoon way.  There are platforms throughout that you have to jump onto and checkpoints keep you from starting the levels from the very beginning.

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