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Game Hack: Castlevania 2 Hacked to Become Pyronaut on Nintendo Entertainment System

We have not covered a lot of new Nintendo Entertainment System games lately so here is a good one to kick things off again.  Pyronaut by Optomon, featuring graphics by M-Tee is a 2D side scrolling action shooter in the style of Konami’s Contra which is sort of fitting since the developer is using Castlevania 2 as the base engine for this hack.  Everything has been changed in Pyronaut, you will be hard pressed to see anything that reveals the roots of the game engine.

Much like nearly every sci-fi game/movie out there, Pyronaut starts with a distress signal from a planet that is not exactly “local” to civilization.  Romeo Ratuno is the hero of Pyronaut, and is the character you are controlling through this adventure.  The game world of Pyronaut is setup similar that of Metroid.  This means that the game world is pretty open to you and to get past certain areas that are locked, you probably have to play on and backtrack later.  You either love games like this or you hate them.

Ratuno is armed with a flamethrower and a jetpack that is it.  With these two pieces of equipment you have to take back not only the planet but also stop the menace that threatens the whole universe and beyond.

Pyronaut is an interesting new title that is currently in development, too bad it is not using an original engine as this appears to be an awesome looking title.  Using a commercial game engine will restrict the developer from legally selling it- that has not stopped people from selling other games like reproductions.  It is interesting that the developer took a game like Castlevania 2 and changed it to the point that it is not recognizable at all.

Head over to M-Tee’s website for more information on Pyronaut.

Source: Retrocollect

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