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Become a JUNKER in Neo Kobe City with Snatcher – Today in History – December 13th 1988

Snatcher is a game that, at the time of release in North America, was one of the first of a small genre which has not progressed much in the two plus decades since.  We covered Snatcher in our second issue of Retro Gaming Magazine, along with many other worthy titles.  While visual novels/digital comics are still not a huge subgenre of the adventure category, there is still a following for them.  Today, way back in 1988 Konami released Snatcher on the MSX2 gaming computer.  What we got in North America is almost a different game than what originally hit in Japan, MSX2 versus Sega CD version at least.

The biggest difference fans can expect with the MSX2 version is a lot more text, some unique graphics (this version is not edited near as much as the Sega CD version).  The graphics are also a little smaller since the Sega CD version is the newer it featured redrawn graphics and sound effects that the MSX2 couldn’t handle.Snatcher MSX2 December 13th 1988 retro gaming visual novel digital comic (2)

Game differences for this version are possibly game changing.  For one, the MSX2 Snatcher ends at Act 2, there is no “third act” in this one.  That means things are left in a dark place and the fate of the characters is left open for interpretation.  Newer versions that contain the third act can be thought of as the “Director’s Cut” of Snatcher since time constraints could possibly be to blame with older versions.

The interesting thing is that the MSX2 version is not the first of Snatcher.  The first version released was for the PC-88 computer in Japan a month before the MSX2 version hit.  More on this in issue #2 of Retro Gaming Magazine.Snatcher MSX2 December 13th 1988 retro gaming visual novel digital comic (1)

Also in issue #2 of Retro Gaming Magazine is many more digital comic/visual novel games that are similar to Snatcher.  For more information on Snatcher on the MSX2 head over to JunkerHQ.

Carl Williams

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