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Blow Your Friends Up in Super Bomberman 2 for Super Nintendo – Today in History – December 12th, 1994

There simply are not enough two, or more, player games available on retro platforms.  Sure, today gamers have online multiplayer everything from racing to shooters to role playing games.  Retro gaming fans have had to resort to actually getting in the same room with each other to battle it out (of course, there are emulators that remove that requirement).  There was no hiding behind an obscure screen name as you called out your opponent with expletives and comments that would make Quagmire on Family Guy blush.  That stuff didn’t fly because as soon as you crossed the line you probably got punched.  Why am I saying all of this stuff?  Because that is the usual result of going too far in a heated bout of Bomberman, doesn’t matter which one they all can get frantic and over the top as adrenaline starts flowing. 

Super Bomberman SNES Hudson Soft Nintendo retro (1)Super Bomberman 2 for the Super Nintendo is no different.  Here you are fighting five cyborgs that have “gone bad” known as the “Five Dastardly Bombers”.  To stop this group from taking over the universe you have to blow them up, one at a time.  These evil bots kidnap the original Bomberman and, with your help, he must escape the Magnet Dungeon and the four sequential levels.  Eventually you will face the leader of this group, Plasma Bomber, in a fiery showdown to end this attack.

Super Bomberman 2 holds the honor of being the only Bomberman game to not feature a two player story.  As with other Bomberman games, there is a four player battle mode available.  This mode is unique in the method the mayhem can go down.  Either free for all or in a team deathmatch, multiplayer is chaotic and the meat of Super Bomberman 2.Super Bomberman SNES Hudson Soft Nintendo retro (2)

If you have some friends, a multitap and this game then load it up and let the trash talk begin.  Just don’t take it too far because your buddies might let you know real quick.

Carl Williams

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