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Bandit Gaming: Super Wolfenstein 3D Brings Ragdoll Physics to id Software Classic

Okay, Doom just turned 21 (as evidenced here) so I figure it is a good time to do some coverage of a new version of Wolfenstein 3D.  This version was created for the PewDiePie Jam where developers only have 72 hours, or so, to develop their game from start to finish.  What sets Super Wolfenstein 3D from the original is the addition of ragdoll physics, which lead to some hilarious animations.  Also, there is a ton of collateral damage from bullets missing enemies and hitting the walls.

Okay, as you can see in the video, Super Wolfenstein 3D is quite a nice re-imagining of the id Software classic.  Later in the video I show off the destructible environments which was quite cool, almost like Minecraft- minus the resource collecting aspect. Super Wolfenstein 3D PewDiePie First Person Shooter

Just like the original Wolfenstein 3D you are tasked with taking out as many Nazis as you can, preferably them all.  Just like the original, the challenge is in completing that, seemingly, simply task (if you really think it is going to be easy, ask a World War II vet).  Early on you are only armed with your knife, which amazingly can tunnel through the shoddy Nazi brick walls (just remember to collect your knives afterwards).  Your resources are quite limited, you are going to have to scour for ammunition and more knives (they stay with the Nazis when used to eliminate them).

Super Wolfenstein 3D has some pretty good graphics, a solid 3D engine and it was all created in about 72 hours.  Pretty awesome when you think about it.  For fans of the original Wolfenstein 3D this is a great way to remember that classic.

Head over to Game Jolt to grab your copy of Super Wolfenstein 3D.  It is more than worth the download.


Carl Williams

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