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Other Pixels #1: Walking Dead Meets Mega Man

Other Pixels is our take on the “What if” genre of entertainment.  DC Comics had their “Elseworlds” series where characters were turned upside down and placed in new adventures.  Since gaming really doesn’t have something like that, we figure we would create it.  Other Pixels #1 features two iconic series, one from television and the other from gaming.  What if The Walking Dead was done in the style of a Mega Man game?  Nathan Alessi has taken on the challenge and created a mockup stage select featuring Walking Dead characters in the style of Mega Man.  Picture after the jump.


The characters in the select screen are:

Stache Man: Better known as Abraham Ford from the TV series, Stache in 8-Bit still carries the red hair and rough edges of its namesake.  His character would probably be tougher to beat.

Mullet Man: Based on Eugene Porter from the show is best known as a liar which means he would probably fake his injuries to lure you in during battle.

Bow Man: Bow Man, Daryl Dixon is not one to mess with.  He will fight from a distance and is hard to get close to.

Bear Man: Based on Tyreese, Bear Man will get in close to pummel you with his hammer or bare hands.  Stay away as best possible.

Badass Woman: Carol Peletier is a mother that has lost everything.  She will fight like there is nothing left to lose which means, you are in trouble on her level.

Beard Man: Rick Grimes is a trained police officer so his aim is wild and all over the place.  There won’t be any safe place to hide when he draws his duty weapon.

The Walking Dead meets Mega Man graphic was created by Nathan Alessi, son of Martin Alessi.  Martin was the Senior Editor and Art Director for Electronic Gaming Monthly and is currently contributing to RETRO Magazine.

For more of Nathan’s work, follow him on Twitter.

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