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New Game: Ameba is a New Visual Novel for Sega Dreamcast

The Sega Dreamcast is no stranger to wild and wacky games, especially those from homebrew developers.  Since Sega left the Dreamcast pretty open, we can debate if that lead to its death at a later time, homebrew developers are able to continue releasing new titles for it over a decade after it was commercially ended.  Ameba is new, so new in fact that not a lot is known about it but the developer pedigree is high.  Ameba is a product of Retro Sumus, more on them in a minute.  Visual novels are interesting as, in North America, they are rare and not received all that well (for some great games in this genre, check out issue #2 of Retro Gaming Magazine).  The most popular visual novel to hit our shores was Snatcher for the Sega CD and that was over two decades ago.

Even more interesting is the storyline of Ameba, at least what we know of it so far.  Ameba is set in modern day Madrid (not many games set there) with you taking on the role of a veteran police detective (somewhat like Snatcher for those wondering).  Detective Hugo (you) has to investigate and solve a bunch of wild, weird, seemingly unconnected murders.  Hugo’s detective skills kick in and like a sixth sense, you know something is linking these murders, something not yet revealed.

Ameba will feature real world locations along with some puzzle elements.  The puzzle elements will elevate Ameba slightly above other visual novels that really only require you to exhaust all of the possible question/location specific options available to advance the story.

Retro Sumus is a full team of artists, programmers and musicians that are working around the clock to ensure Ameba is available in 2015.

Source: Retrocollect

Carl Williams

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9 Responses to “New Game: Ameba is a New Visual Novel for Sega Dreamcast”

  1. Thanks for spreading the word, Carl! It’s funny how you expressed the “sixth sense”, as that’s pretty much how we have envisioned Hugo’s powers of observation! We’re in the process of creating our website and forums at the moment, so we hope we’ll be able to release more information on both Ameba and our other, top-secret project! 😉

    It’s STILL thinking.

    • Carl Williams says:

      You might say I am a fan of this genre, both story and game. I can hardly wait to see how Ameba evolves throughout development, please keep us posted and we will do our best to keep our readers posted.

  2. Retro Sumus says:

    Introducing Retro Sumus Dev Diaries! This is where we show our work on both Ameba and Xenocider!

    Check out our first video here for a glimpse of how Xenocider will look and sound:


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