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New Game: Honey Bee Released for the Commodore 64

The Commodore 64 continues to receive new games from homebrew developers.  The ingenuity represented in most of these new games is exemplary, take Honey Bee for example.  This is a game about a bee, as the name implies, tasked with bringing back pollen to the nest.  Developed by TND Games and Autumnsoft, Honey Bee was an entry in the RDCD 16KB cart competition.  There were a ton of great games developed for this competition over the years (we will be covering more of them sooner than later).

You control a honey bee that is trying to save the colony that you belong to.  The problem is, you are apparently the only bee interested in saving the hive as everyone else is lazy and not really caring about helping.  This means everything is up to you and your capabilities in avoiding obstacles and bringing back the pollen.

Indie Retro News took a little closer look at Honey Bee.  IRN mentions some slight problems with the background graphics interspersing with the deadly pieces in the game world.  This caused some unwanted confusion as to where you should be able to go and where you are unable to maneuver in the game world without losing a life.Honey Bee Commodore 64 retro game RGCD 2

The ingenuity displayed in Honey Bee just exemplifies my earlier comment about homebrew developers.  They do things that mainstream publishers would scoff at and not publish.  Homebrew devs also are willing to take risks with games that are obviously not going to sell a few million copies.  While I enjoy scrolling shooters, I understand that you can only truly enjoy so many at a time, games like Honey Bee are different, but still keeping some of the mechanics.  Crossing the action/adventure genre into the shooter genre (at least the avoiding mechanic) makes Honey Bee quite a unique release.

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Source: Indie Retro News

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