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Bandit Gaming: Super Mario 64 Hack Unleashes Luigi for Multiplayer

Ah, Super Mario 64, the classic Nintendo game that sold one to one with the Nintendo 64 at launch- a feat not matched since.  This was the first time that the iconic plumber went into the third dimension and fans ate it up.  Gaming publications of the time were more than happy to publish guides, tips and tricks and more for Super Mario 64.  Nintendo had a hit on their hands and they knew it.  The biggest problem most gamers had with Super Mario 64 was that there was no sequel on the Nintendo 64 released (Yoshi’s Story doesn’t count).

There was another problem with Super Mario 64 that was not so quick to surface all that often.  Luigi was nowhere to be found.  That meant no second player alternating option that gamers enjoyed in previous Super Mario games.  For many, this was a reason for dismay but it was not a deal breaker.

Now, thanks to a game hacker that goes by the name of Skelux Core, gamers can enjoy Super Mario 64 with Mario AND Luigi- at the same time and even across the Internet.  That is a pretty intimidating feat but it is not the only one accomplished in this hack.

Just a few of the new additions this hack brings to the classic Super Mario 64 game include:

Performing flips off of each other when one is crouching
Both players have separate coin counters and separate health
Camera angle adjusted to account for the second player
New title screen
Various forms of death allow the surviving player to continue

This is an interesting hack as it nearly creates an all new game through doing very little actual editing to the graphics of the game.  Anyone interested in trying this out?


Carl Williams

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