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Bionic Commando Blasts onto the Nintendo Entertainment System: Today in History- December 1st, 1988

Capcom are not scared to try and reboot games from their past unless it is Legendary Wings or Section Z of course.  Bionic Commando was one of those titles that kids were discussing on the playground at school during recess, even if they didn’t have a Nintendo Entertainment System at home- they knew someone that would share.  Capcom had a hit and it was a system seller on their hands (another was Mega Man but that is another TiH article for another time).

The most notable thing about Bionic Commando for me was, YOU COULDN’T JUMP.  I mean, on a system know for games that were best described as RUN and JUMP, you couldn’t jump in this weird futuristic “Indiana Jones” game (that is what I called it early on when describing it to friends who had no clue).  Other areas of Bionic Commando that stood out for me was the overhead map, eventually you would be able to pick different levels to tackle (I sucked so this didn’t happen often).

Bionic Commando was also known many years later (although it was rumored on the playground) for it’s severa changes to the storyline and various graphics in the game including removal of the Nazi swastika,  and the fact that the last boss bears a striking resemblance to Adolph Hitler (before his head explodes in a rather large amount of blood and guts (something that was not allowed back then according to the Nintendo editing process).


The Game Boy was the recipient of a version based on the original NES game, Capcom has released a PC “remake” of sorts called Bionic Commando Rearmed (it was on Xbox 360 and PS3 also) and the original version was re-released on the Game Boy Advance in the Capcom Classics Mini-Mix.

Carl Williams

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