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Review: Dungeon Heroes for Windows

Hard as nails, turn based, dungeon crawling epics are just not being made like they used to.  Throw in a first person view, multiple party members and even more challenge and you have just narrowed down the few releases we do see to hardly nothing.  That is where the homebrew community comes in, these guys are not tied by corporate red tape, not held back by huge budgets and diminishing returns.  Indie developers can take risks that you won’t see the big companies taking.  Dungeon Heroes is one such risk being taken by Spiky, who apparently is a HUGE fan of Dungeon Master and Wizardry.

I don’t throw references to the heavy weights in gaming easily.  Dungeon Heroes definitely carries the torch prominently and proudly.  It also has ramped up the difficulty quite a bit so those of you reading this thinking there is an hour or two long tutorial showing you every little detail- move on, there isn’t one.  There is a short introduction delivered through a wisp that apparently was a previous adventurer that did not have as good luck as you are hoping to have.  Other than that, there is little hand holding going on in Dungeon Heroes.Dungeon Heroes Windows Master Crawl retro

Now if Dungeon Heroes was just a newer version of Dungeon Master then it would still be a good game.  The cool thing is, it is not.  In Dungeon Heroes you can do a few things that you could not in many classics.  For one, you can mix multiple potions to improve their potency, you can increase the power of spells by adding runes and more.

The graphics are decidedly not computerish.  Everything has that cartoony feel from the enemies to the bricks used to create the levels.  For some, this may be a negative, honestly after playing for a bit, it was not that noticeable- only popping up when a particularly badly drawn enemy appeared.

Playing Dungeon Heroes is just like playing Dungeon Master and for old school fans, the learning curve is nearly non-existent.  For gamers that are new to this style of game, things are a little rough to get started but not impossible.

Dungeon Heroes by Spiky
Platform: Windows
Genre: 1st Person RPG/Dungeon crawl
Rated: Teen
Available now on Game Jolt

Carl Williams

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