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New Game: Air Traffic Control Rome Comes in for a Landing on ZX Spectrum

How many Air Traffic Control (ATC) games can you name off the top of your head?  Now, narrow that down to the ZX Spectrum computer.  Not many huh?  Air Traffic Control Rome by homebrew developer,, is adding one new ATC title to the list, one that focuses on our friends in Rome, Italy too.  This is a remake of an earlier version of the same program by the same developer.

Gamers that think they have the chops to handle an ATC job should be in for a rude awakening at the hands of this game.  This profession is much more stressful than it looks.  Graphically, Air Traffic Controller Rome is nothing to write home about- though, honestly, no title in this genre is an AAA list in the graphics department.  What is here is just enough to get the point across and sometimes, that is more than enough.air traffic control rome zx spectrum retrogaming retro game funspot 3

In Air Traffic Control Rome you are tasked with keeping airplanes safe in the sky above Italy.  You can control up to eight flights at one time, if you are truly a master of ATC.  There are two Roman airports available to work with, Fiumicino (FCO) and Ciampino (CIA).  Ciampino is the easier of the two airports to play at so you may want to start there.

Options for active flights include assigning them ID’s, you can alter their speed/altitude/direction to keep everything smooth in the sky.  You are also in control of what runway they come in on and from what direction the approach is made from.  Paying attention to the information being provided is key in keeping everything running well and passengers making it safely off of the plane.  Try to keep track of planes, if they leave the screen they are “lost”, also don’t bring them in too low over anything but a runway or they will crash- both bad situations to deal with.air traffic control rome zx spectrum retrogaming retro game funspot

Interested in trying your hand at being an Air Traffic Controller?  Head over to and grab your copy of Air Traffic Control Rome.

Source: World of Spectrum forums

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