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Bandit Gaming- Freddy vs Jason Released on Cartridge for the Nintendo NES

Two iconic horror movie franchise players finally crossed paths in Freddy vs Jason and for some, it was simply awesome.  For others, it was meh.  Either way, it was an iconic release that showed the fans probably shouldn’t get their way all that often.  Pac-N-Sac Dave, a name you may recognize from various articles here, has released another game hack, this time for Friday the 13th on the Nintendo Entertainment System.  What Dave has done is hack that LJN title and put Freddy into the game as the protagonist (or is that antagonist considering Jason’s disposition?).

Friday the 13th holds one of the few trophies for actually being scary- you never knew exactly when Jason would pop up and when he did, it was usually genuinely scary.  The campers are removed as far as playable characters and now you are tasked with controlling Freddy in his quest to end Jason Voorhees.  The question is, can you do it?  Can you fare better than Freddy did in the movie?freddy vs jason nintendo nes ljn pac n sac dave retro cartridge 2

This is a minimalist hack in many ways, what didn’t need to be touched was left alone.  The title screen received an overhaul and one of the campers that you would have controlled has been modified to look like Freddy.  According to Dave, the difficulty has been lightened up a little bit making this hack a little more inviting to gamers.

For anyone that wanted to play this game on an actual Nintendo NES, without an expensive mod cartridge, your options were limited.  Until now.  Thanks to Flashback Games you can purchase a copy of Freddy vs Jason on cartridge for about $40 and they do ship outside the United States. freddy vs jason nintendo nes ljn pac n sac dave retro cartridge 3

I can’t help but feel this would have done better had it been available prior to Halloween.  Better late than never as they say.

Grab Freddy vs Jason at the Flashback Games store.  The hack patch is available for free at

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