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New Game: Return to Melanat is the Spiritual Successor to the King’s Field Series

Anyone that has been a gamer since the original Playstation days probably remembers a game series called King’s Field.  This series was a first person role playing game that was all about exploration and slow methodical combat, actually everything in King’s Field was slow and methodical.  Return to Melanat is a new game that is being touted by the developer as the spiritual successor, a sequel of sorts, to the King’s Field series and it locks in the feel quite well.

Return to Melanat aims to capture the feel of the environments from King’s Field 2 specifically.  Melanat features seven areas for you to traverse and battle creatures that want nothing short of your dead, lifeless, carcass as their dinner tonight.  Nothing you haven’t faced down many times before.Return to Melanat Kings Field Playstation RPG 1st person 2

Set about 20 years after the events of King’s Field 3 during which peace and light has reigned supreme.  This can’t last in a video game world though and Return to Melanat is no different.  A mysterious darkness has emerged on the island of Melanat which has cause the king to become concerned enough to lead a detachment of knights to investigate.  This concern turns to fear for the prince when he realizes that his father is now officially a candidate for the Silver Alert of Melanat.  Not able to sit idly by, the prince takes it upon himself to go after his father and the knights that went missing.  That is where you take control of the prince and lead him on his quest to find his father.Return to Melanat Kings Field Playstation RPG 1st person 3

Return to Melanat is still being developed and the game world expanded.  Update 1.2 brings a whole new area for you to explore for instance.  This is great news for fans of these homebrew titles that are looking for something the dev is actively supporting with new content.

Head over to Game Jolt to grab your copy of Return to Melanat.  It is free and is based on a challenging dungeon romp from the early 32-Bit days- what more could you ask for?

Carl Williams

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