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New Game: I Hate Skool Remake Celebrates 30th Anniversary of Skool Daze with Spectrum Remake

The ZX Spectrum is a computer from the early 80’s, it is now officially 30 years old folks, which was primarily a popular unit in the United Kingdom.  That is not to say that it did not successfully make the jump across the pond into North America.  There were man iconic original titles released for the Spectrum, including one that has now been remade here, Skool Daze.  I Hate Skool is the first game from White Hole Studios.  The interesting thing about I Hate Skool is that all possible steps to stay faithful to the original have been taken, while updating it significantly for modern gamers.

The premise is that you are stuck in a no win situation this school year.  You are not going to pass, no matter what you do- at least within the rules.  This is about school though, who follows the rules in a game about school?  No one.

Let’s face it, everyone looking back on their high school days has fond memories of what we would have done in various situations.  That is just life.  In I Hate Skool, you can live out some of those fantasies in the safety of a computer game.skdaze11102014

I hate Skool pits you in the life of a teenager that has that major problem outlined earlier.  How will you rectify it and continue on with your friends?  Why by breaking into the school safe where the student records are kept and modifying yours so that you can pass your current grade.  The challenging part is how you accomplish that feat.

The biggest challenge in I Hate Skool is not getting lines (remember those?).  Every little infraction of the rules results in you getting lines.  Stand in the rain and get caught- get lines.  Late to class?  Get lines.  Get the point?

You are a student so you have to still attend classes, answer teachers when they ask you a question, deal with bullies and more.

I Hate Skool is available on the basis of “pay what you want” which means the developer is trusting you completely.  This is not a freemium style game (that would be a news story on the Spectrum especially) you are getting the full game.  The price of which is up to you.

Grab a copy of I Hate Skool at the official website.

Source: Indie Retro News

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