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Kickstarter: Thimbleweed Park Coming from Maniac Mansion Creators

Adventure game fans definitely know the names Maniac Mansion, Day of the Tentacle and Monkey Island.  The real question is do you recognize the names Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick?  You should because they are the brains behind those great, iconic, adventure titles we have enjoyed for nearly 30 years.  Now, those two are back, on Kickstarter, asking for assistance in creating the spiritual successor to those iconic titles.  Will you help?  Will you click support then click Ron and Gary?

Thimbleweed Park is an all new game that is done completely in the style of Maniac Mansion and many other classics.  This is a labor of love and one that they are sure will be received quite well by the fans, just look at their Kickstarter project for proof of this (it is nearly funded already with just under a month to go).

As mentioned on their Kickstarter, Thimbleweed Park is solidly in the classic genre.  This is not a homage, this is not similar to (but not near as good) as the classics.  This is a classic point and click adventure, created by two of the guys that led the genre for many years.  This is retro in its purist sense.

The story, ah the story, that is something many point and click games fumble with.  Some make it too serious, some try for inappropriate comedy and others just don’t try.  Thimbleweed Park is penned by the pros.  Telling the story of two detectives that have seen better days in their careers, Thimbleweed Park will tell the story of five characters all being kicked off by a dead body being found just outside of town.Thimbleweed Park Kickstarter Maniac Mansion Monkey Island

The humor you can expect in the game, if you are not familiar with the above named classics, is apparent in the Kickstarter project.  Besides, how many other Kickstarter projects offer “absolution of guilt”?Thimbleweed Park Kickstarter Maniac Mansion Monkey Island 2

Thimbleweed Park is currently on Kickstarter so retro point and click fans, head over, read up and throw some cash at this.  If we don’t support these things in a big way, we won’t see more of them and that is our own faults.

Carl Williams

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