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New Game: Willy the Wasp 2 Hits the ZX Spectrum Retro Computer

The ZX Spectrum, a computer that gamers like me here in the United States probably have very little experience with got a new game recently.  Willy the Wasp 2 was recently released on the Spectrum computer adding another action adventure title to its library.  The story for Willy the Wasp 2 is pretty simple, and completely believable in gaming terms- a nuclear (get George W. Bush to say that one!) power plant has been taken over by environmental protestors and unfortunately, the reactor has caught fire.  You, as Will the Wasp, are the only hope available to restore peace and safety by running the environmentalists out so the reactor can be properly repaired.  Completely believable in gaming terms.

The Sinclair ZX Spectrum is not known for colorful, clean, graphics but Willy the Wasp 2 certainly has them in spades.  The problem many developers have with ZX Spectrum games is that the developers usually go for too much detail in them.  This gives the games a grainy feel and detracts rather than adding to the overall experience.  The Castlevania port suffers greatly from this grainy look though it is used to offer shading effects so it somewhat “works”.  Land of Mire Mare is another example of using the limited graphics of the ZX Spectrum to create some visually impressive games. Willy the Wasp 2

For many, Will the Wasp 2 may turn them off of the game, hopefully not from ZX Spectrum games altogether though.  What may be offensive to some gamers is the whole environmental angle that the developer has gone with for the story, there are some derogatory names used in the storyline that I am not repeating here.  Suffice to say, great graphics may not be what gets Willy the Wasp 2 a lot of press.

Grab Willy the Wasp 2 from the World of Spectrum forums (and read up on the storyline).

Source: Indie Retro News

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