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New Game: Pandemic Brings Gauntlet Style Dual Stick Shooting to the Sinclair ZX81

Gauntlet style shooters are not all that new, they have been around since before Gauntlet but Atari’s classic was the first to take hold, and keep it.  Pandemic is an overhead shooter that is similar to that classic arcade game but it is for the Sinclair ZX81, a computer that hit retail shelves in 1981, over 33 years ago.  Pandemic is a Bob’s Stuff production, an accomplished coder for these retro platforms (just check out his site for proof).  The sequel to Virus, Pandemic is larger, harder and comes with unlimited ammunition- trust me, you will need it all.

Unlike Virus, Pandemic offers unlimited ammunition for you to handle the challenging levels (24 of them) that are infected with biological travesties.  Similar to Gauntlet, there are foodstuffs littered around the levels, and very valuable commodity is very much affected by your firepower- in other words, DON’T SHOOT THE FOOD!Pandemic Sinclair ZX81 retro computer 2

Enemies in Gauntlet were often pouring forth from monster generators, a similar device is present in Pandemic.  Just like Atari’s classic, destroy that generator and the enemies will stop showing up- simple.  Keys and other familiar items are present in Pandemic, genre mainstays for fans.  The graphics are definitely minimal, expected considering the limitations of the hardware and the action presented.

As mentioned earlier, Pandemic is a sequel to Bob’s Stuff’s 2010 hit, Virus.  There are just more levels, enemies, weapons and powerups available for you to survive for one more level.  Remember, don’t shoot the food. Pandemic Sinclair ZX81 retro computer 3

About the ZX81:
The ZX81 was a computer that was released by Sinclair Research.  Sinclair saw about 1.5 million units sold before they discontinued this computer.  The ZX81 was available in build it yourself kit form or completely assembled.  The follow up machine the ZX Spectrum has been more loved by retro developers in recent years.

Pandemic by Bob’s Stuff
Platform: ZX81
Genre: Overhead arcade shooter/Gauntlet style game
Available now on Bob’s Stuff

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