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New Game: Flappy Now Available for the Atari 2600 Video Computer System

Flappy Bird is still going strong, just now more entrenched in the retro community.  There was already one version of this title for the Atari 2600 called Flappo Bird (covered here).  Of the two, Flappy is definitely the better looking version of Flappy Bird, the question is, does anyone still care? 

Thanks to Atari Age, you can now purchase Flappy for the Atari 2600 for a very reasonable price (much better than the other solutions that have surfaced over years).  As you can see by the pictures of Flappy, the graphics are very detailed for the Atari 2600- much better than Flappo Bird.  Gamers that have played on the Atari 2600 already know you are not going to get Call of Duty graphics with motion controls but you are getting solid controls and challenge levels that are out of this world.large_1038_2600_Flappy_Shot_1

Flappy is just like the hit mobile, and often ported, title Flappy Bird which is very well suited to the Atari 2600.  This game works well in the Atari world thanks to the need for only one action button (a red one sounds good) as the game auto scrolls the levels by.  Flappy also brings one additional control option that could potentially change your feelings about this port- gliding.  Hold the action button down and you can glide for a short while which can really help get through the pipes if used correctly.Flappy Atari 2600 retro Atari Age retrogaming

When you purchase Flappy you will receive the cartridge and the manual (both pictured above).  At this time, there is no box available for Flappy, a real shame as that would complete this retro release.

Flappy is currently available on the Atari Age store.

Carl Williams

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  1. […] that can run it, someone will probably port this one button game to it.  We have seen ports to the Atari 2600 (at least two), Vectrex, Colecovision and even to oddball platforms like the Virtual Boy and Super […]

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