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Rumor: Battletoads Could Be Coming to Xbox Platform in 2016

Battletoads NES

Recently Microsoft trademarked the name “Battletoads”, a rare property that was published by Tradewest on the Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Game Boy and NES while Electronic Arts released an arcade game using the toads with ‘tude.  This is interesting news considering what has happened a year or two after Microsoft trademarked “Killer Instinct” a while back.  This could mean that Battletoads is coming to the Xbox platform no sooner than late 2015/sometime in 2016.  The question is, how will it appear and which console will it be released on (360/One)?

My money is on it being a reboot with HD graphics, maybe focusing on the Super Nintendo version (the Genesis/NES version was nearly identical).  Brenna Hellier, of VG247, also feels that this news means a Battletoads game in 2016.  This is pure speculation, at this point, though as no hard information has been released.battletoads NES original level 1 sword vs stone ogre

Over on VGLeaks they have a copy of the application to trademark the term and a promotional photo.  Head over there to check it out.

Battletoads is known for its extreme difficulty and cheap shots that the enemies take.  This difficulty level has led many gamers to become frustrated quickly with the game, especially when playing in single player mode.  I do have to wonder though, if Microsoft does reboot this game franchise, will they ease up on the difficulty?  If they do, then diehard fans may balk about it and possibly pass on this game.  If they don’t ease up on the difficulty then modern gamers won’t get past level one and will balk at the game.  Either way, Microsoft is not in an enviable position on this one.

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