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Update: Elysian Shadows is Greenlit, Will be Coming to Popular Distribution Service

It is no secret that Elysian Shadows is a popular game, part due to the fact that the developers are not scared to release on older platforms (Sega Dreamcast) that are fan favorites.  Along with the insight to release on a popular retro console, the developers are going to be hitting the Ouya (another Kickstarter success story), PC, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS.  That is a lot of platforms to be releasing your debut game on but thanks to the success of the Kickstarter project for Elysian Shadows, it is a challenge that the developers are undertaking right now.  The reason for this update is, Elysian Shadows is now coming to Steam thanks to a successful Greenlight campaign.

For those that have not been following our coverage of Elysian Shadows, this is a brand new 2D role playing game (RPG) that does its best to make you think it is a 3D game.  Unlike other 2D RPG’s that have been released lately, Elysian Shadows uses a proprietary engine (that will be released for free) that allows 3D effects such as dynamic lighting, advanced physics and an audio engine that can push a lot more than beeps and boops.  Basically, Elysian Shadows is not using a pre-made engine such as RPG Maker or any other boxed engine.

Elysian Shadows tells the story of Julien, a young man in over his head in life after his parents suddenly disappear (no, this is not the story of a male version of Frozen).  Julien gets a job at the local museum along with his friend Eryn.  For normal, everyday people, the story would end here but not for Julien and Eryn who find a secret in the local ruins that threatens their world that is already torn due to ongoing war.Elysian Shadows Steam Greenlit Sega Dreamcast 2

Elysian Shadows is scheduled for release at the end of 2015 for Android, iOS, Ouya, PC, Mac and Linux.

Source: Steam

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