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New Game: Candlelight is 2.5D Side Scrolling Action Platform Awesomeness

Anyone that knows me knows I am into 2.5D side scrolling games from the likes of Astal and Clockwork Knight on the Sega Saturn to the reboot of Castle of Illusion or Swordigo.  If it is 2.5D side scrolling action, role playing, adventuring, I will at least give it a chance.  This is the reason I am covering Candlelight, it is a 2.5D side scrolling action platform title in the style of the Super Mario series but you are in control of a candle of all things.  Yeah, a candle, made of wax with a burning top.  Now read on and find out why you should care.

Pixel Maverick Games have taken a classic genre and added some very interesting character to it.  I don’t just mean character as in putting you in control of a candle but character as in the style of the game, the levels and how you interact with them.  Candlelight is unique to say the least.  Obviously, since you are controlling a candle, light and shadows being cast by objects will play a large role in how you perceive/interact with the levels and the denizens that inhabit them.

The story of Candlelight revolves around a mysterious force that has extinguished all of the candles in the land, except one.  You.  Battling wind, water, rain, lava and more you are tasked with finding this mysterious force and conquering it.  As anyone that has played an action platform title in the past will tell you, things will get hairy fast.  The Mario games are as simple as a plumber saving his girlfriend who was kidnapped but we all know that how you did that was anything but easy.

The way that you interact with the levels is pure genius, you can light fuses on barrels of explosives to blow open walls and other blockages.  You can set fire to wooden crates and open a path down into a level and you can even use your flame to heat the air in a hot air balloon and go for a ride.  The bosses, oh the bosses, are another story- my favorite so far being the water based boss.

Candlelight is currently sitting on Steam Greenlight awaiting approval.  Check the video out, check the pictures out and if you are interested in seeing Candlelight exposed to more gamers, maybe throw an up vote for it on Steam.


Carl Williams

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