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Kickstarter: Air Brawl Looks to Update Wing War Style Battles with Even More Crazy Weapons

Who, reading this, remembers Wing War by Sega?  Wing War was an arcade title that featured airplane battles in a 3D world of flat shaded polygons.  Sega’s game was able to transcend the limitations of the hardware/time period and become more than the sum of its parts for those that gave Wing War a chance (many passed due to the graphics which were eerily similar to that of Virtua Fighter).  Air Brawl, by Wilhelm Nylund, is a spiritual successor of sorts to Sega’s classic Wing War arcade game.  Air Brawl improves on everything, most noticeably the graphics.  Currently Air Brawl is sitting on Kickstarter looking for assistance in getting finished, the question is, how many gamers are willing to pick up the challenge?

While Wing War featured a somewhat futuristic style for its battles, Air Brawl is going all steampunk Victorian era with the levels we have seen so far.  One interesting thing about Air Brawl is the ability to dive into the city below and fly through tunnels, between buildings and swoop back up in an effort to evade your opponent and their weaponry.

Speaking of weaponry, Air Brawl has a multitude of interesting items that carry offensive capabilities.  The Batapult is a canister of angry bats while the Anti-Aircraft Anchor is exactly what the name implies- a giant anchor that brings whatever plane it is attached to DOWN.  It is hard to have a decent offensive if you are planted to one general area thanks to a large hunk of iron and chain.  Talk about incoming pain.air brawl pc kickstarter wing war

Personality doesn’t stop with the weapons.  The planes have just as much character including a witch doctor, a steampunk plane, and old school early and futuristic aviation contraptions.  There is probably not much of a bright side to a battle when you are brought down by an old man in a robe and bone ship.

Air Brawl is currently resting on Kickstarter.  If you are a fan of plane based battles, remember Wing War fondly, or are just interested in something different, here you go.

Source: Indie Retro News

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