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Hardware Hack: Playstation to Receive SD Card Adapter, Possibly by Year’s End

We have recently covered similar SD card adapters for other platforms so it is only fitting to cover the Playstation version that is currently in the works by the talented team behind the “PSIO”.  PSIO stands for Playstation Input/Output for those that don’t know and it could be out by the end of the year.

These devices are obviously going to be popular with the pirate community but there are lots of homebrew titles for most of the consoles.  In the past gamers would have to mod their console to enjoy homebrew titles for retro consoles outside of straight up emulation (which has its own set of problems such as hardware inaccuracy).  Thanks to these SD card adapters, gamers can copy their homebrew over to the card, try it out and if it doesn’t work they are not out a CD-R, nor are they ruining a perfectly good CD drive in their consoles.psiomenu

The only drawback to the PSIO is that it will require an early version of the Playstation console (the slim model won’t work).  The reason for this is because the PSIO uses the parallel port in the back (Sony removed it for cost saving features in the Slim model).  While this is annoying for those that do not own an early model Playstation, the good news is that they are fairly cheap on Ebay or at yard sales (I see them regularly locally for $5, sometimes with a few games).  As the old saying goes, fans will find a way.

Source: PSIO via Retro Game Network and Retrocollect

Carl Williams

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3 Responses to “Hardware Hack: Playstation to Receive SD Card Adapter, Possibly by Year’s End”

  1. bigshynepo says:

    I’m not against physically hacking your console but I am sick of the hacking scene delaying meaningful updates because the manufacturers have to spend their time plugging holes. I get it, “The holes shouldn’t be there in the first place”, but hackers and modders seemingly will always find a way if given enough time.

    I had a custom firmware PSP and as fun as it was at the time, I do not see the point in modding the Vita and the PS4. Do we really need Zelda:Link to the Past on every platform in existence? Okay, I guess we might.

  2. Guest says:

    Well done hackers! Hack that PoS4!

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