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Movie: Independent Splatterhouse Movie To See Production if Funded

The Splatterhouse series was an iconic set of games that sort of lost itself as time went on (most do). The first game, released on the Turbo Grafx-16 in North America showed that NEC weren’t all that keen on keeping lock step with what gamers were used to from the likes of Nintendo. Even Sega’s early offerings were censored quite a bit when compared to the original source material. Splatterhouse 1 was only on the Turbo Grafx-16 while the second and third games only saw light of day on the Sega Genesis and told slightly original stories continuing off of the original. The overall plot is about as thick as that of any horror movie so fans will know what to expect. Now, an independent film team are working on creating a movie based on Splatterhouse set between the first and second games. Without ruining things for anyone that has not played these games, you can tell it doesn’t turn all happy ending since there are three games starring Rick trying to save his girlfriend, Jennifer.

ZenithfilmsUK are the team behind this fan production, check out their Youtube channel for more of their work. This is an indie team but they are producing some interesting content, much higher than the normal Youtube fare.Splatterhouse Jennifer Smells of Rot Indiegogo game movie

Splatterhouse: Jennifer Smells of Rot tells the story of Jennifer saving herself. Rick, her boyfriend, has been institutionalized and is locked up for mental problems and for the murder of Jennifer (hard to subpeona a demon). The Terror Mask that Rick wore in the games is able to find Jennifer in Hell and it taunts her with poignent questions such as “Can you save yourself?” Jennifer eventually dons the Terror Mask and attempts to escape not only Hell but the West Mansion, which Rick destroys in the first game.

There is a short teaser that acts as a proof of concept for Splatterhouse: Jennifer Smells of Rot (available above). What you get here is a good idea of the mood ZenithFilmsUK are going for, some of the special effects and at least one costume that Jennifer may don during the movie. For the funding level they are looking for, it should be rather easy to get fans behind this project.Splatterhouse Jennifer Smells of Rot Indiegogo game movie 2

Check out ZenithFilmsUK on Youtube, Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter. When you are done checking out their work, their website and make a donation to help make this movie happen.  The IndieGoGo campaign fell a little short but shows there is immense interest in this movie getting made.  All it takes is a few fans telling a few other fans.

If you know about other projects similar to this, let Retro Gaming Magazine know, using the contact form at the top of this page, so we can cover them.

Carl Williams

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4 Responses to “Movie: Independent Splatterhouse Movie To See Production if Funded”

  1. Zenithfilms says:

    Thank you so much for this article! It is very much appreciated =D

  2. Dean Andrews says:

    The campaign is still continuing through my website until February 2015. Can you update your site to include the new link?

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